Author of Books

I wrote my first book, Blitz - The IT Quiz book, at the age of 19. I became the first and the only teenager to have authored a book for Sapna Book House, Karnataka's leading book publishing house. Since then, I've topped up my writing skills by adding 2 more titles under my name.



Blitz The IT Quiz Book



1st edition : October 6, 2006

4th edition : August, 2012


I must admit that my career as the quiz master started with the publishing of this book. I got my first opportunity as a quizmaster in PESIT Information Science fest. The quiz went very well and served as a launchpad for my life as a Quiz Master.


The idea to write this book occured to me when I failed to "win" the TCS Rural IT Quiz 2004. (Read more here). Thanks to the librarian from PESIT, I got in touch with the customer relations manager, Mr. VVS Rao. I got a chance to explain Mr. Nitin Shah, the MD of Sapna Book House, why he should publish my book. Its quite a memorable moment when he said, "We will go ahead with publishing your book. We will print the next edition only if your first book does well in the market".


Since 2006, Sapna Book House has published 4 editions of Blitz, testifying its market acceptance.


KryptonITe - The IT Quiz Book


1st edition : 24th June, 2011

2nd edition : October, 2012


Just before joining FMS-Delhi, I launched this book in PESIT, the same day when the quiz club (Quotient Quiz Club) that I started in PESIT back in 2007, had its first Inter-School Annual Quiz Championship called ConQuizTador 2011. 



Think about IT - 3rd edition




I am fortunate to have worked under Mr. Giri "Pickbrain" Balasubramaniam, the renowned quizmaster of TCS IT Wiz and Tata Crucible fame for his company, GreyCaps. So when he offered me to contribute to the 3rd edition of Think About IT as one of the co-author, I was definitely overwhelmed. The book, distributed free of cost to all the qualifiers of TCS Rural IT Quiz, was published by TCS with a foreword from the then-CEO, Mr. S. Ramadorai.


I was felicitated by Mr Aravind Limbavali (Higher Education Minister, Government of Karnataka) and Vishveshwar Hegde Kageri (primary and secondary minister) on the occasion of Grand Finale of Rural IT quiz 2008 in Palace grounds on 7th November for this contribution.