My mother tells me, I started dancing before I could even stand. In the last 20 plus years, I've associated myself with multiple forms of dances.


  • Yakshagana - A Semi-Classical dance form of Karnataka
  • Free Style - Western
  • Indian Contemporary
  • Salsa, Jive and Cha Cha Cha
  • Latino Jazz


A few of my performance videos


1)An impromptu Western freestyle with Nishit Kini during the PESIT Farewell, April 2009



 2) Salsa/Zouk during "Inspirations 7" by Swingers, with Vibha



3) A trendy Couple Dance during Alumni Meet at FMS Delhi with Sanjam Sidana



4) Fusion Dance, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA, February 2008



 TV Show

I've appeared a couple of times, accompanying my friend Keerthana in a Reality TV Show competition called Confident Star Singer, Season 1


1) Comedy Round (Pretty funny, I must admit :) )



2) Situational Round

Plot : The protagonist is not aware that his love is dead. So when he passes by the grave one day, his love sings for him. He can only hear her (voice very familiar) but cannot see her. The video shows his mental and physical struggle to identify the source of the voice.