I have explored and developed designing as my alternative hobby. I'm currently into

  • Web Designing
  • Video Editing


Web Designing

Honestly, I had no intentions to learn web designing. When Mr. Prakash Subbarao (Spark Consultant) gifted me a web domain ( in 2007, I contacted a few of my good designer friends who agreed to help but couldn't due to the paucity of time. That's when I started dabbling with the html codes and since then, I haven't stopped.


Some of the websites that I designed (which are live) are : 


Quiz Blog Portal


I designed this website with a view to aggregate all the blogs related to quizzing in this country. The website also includes features like : QB Subdomain (Example :, QB Calendar (kinda dormant now)


QuizBlog Archives



This website not just aggregates the blogs, it collects the questions, segregates them into various topics (like connect quiz, movie quiz etc). It also segregates the questions monthwise. 


Some more assignments which are not live/modified to newer versions. 

1) Niranjan Vanalli's personal Site (

2) iReboot by Mukta Darera (now updated and maintained by another company)


Video Editing

I developed the flair for video editing after I bought my MacBook Air. My first assignment was with Cisco Systems, where I designed a promotional video for Optical Technoogies Business Unit (titled: OTBU, the Wow BU).


Since then, I've designed close to a dozen videos. A few of them are making rounds in the net. Here is a glimpse of my designs.


1) The World Famous FMS Induction Program


This video was designed as a part of a competition during the famous MBA Induction program at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. 


2) ITC Interrobang 2 - Promotional Video


I designed this video for MarkSoc, the Marketing Society of FMS as a promotional video for ITC Interrobang 2. 


There are a few more better videos, which I still haven't uploaded online. As I upload, I'll update this page.