Quiz Master

I have been hosting professional quizzes in various domains since 2006.

I'm the founder of The QuizBlog Portal, India's finest Quiz Blogs Catalog.

I've been a founder of a couple of quiz clubs.

I have worked as a Quiz Research Consultant with Greycaps India (Pvt) Ltd. 


You can download the Quiz Master proposal by clicking here


Here are a list of few important quizzes that I've hosted :


Academic Quizzes


  • Flair 2010, 12th Intercollegiate VTU Youth Festival, CIT Tumkur
  • Magnetics 2010, Natinonal Symposium and IT Fest, Oxford Educational Institutions, Bangalore 
  • Pragyan 1.0, a national level quiz, Chitkara University, Chandigarh, 2010
  • SDM BCA College, Ujire, 2008
  • SDM High School, Ujire, 2008
  • Departmental Quizzes at PESIT (2006-2009)
  • Quizzes at FMS, Delhi (2012-13)


Corporate Quizzes


  • Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra, previously, Microsoft Student Developers Conference (DevCon) for 5 consecutive years (2008-2012)
  • Adobe People Connect, Noida, October 2011
  • Cisco Connected Women Quiz, IWD, Bangalore, March 2011
  • ONGC EnerQ - The Sustainability Quiz, PetroTech 2012, Pragati Maidan, Delhi - October 2012
  • Ultratech ArchQ and Civil Quiz, an inter-state Architecture and Civil Quiz, Chandigarh - March, 2013


The QuizBlog Portal  


When I conceptualized and designed the QuizBlog Portal in 2009, my idea was to have a single platform to put together all the quizzing activities in the country. 

Today, the QB portal has a catalog of more than 160 quiz blogs that have been created by hundreds of brilliant quizzers across the country.

The QuizBlog Archives, a gigantic archive of questions, was conceptualized in late 2010. This contains 2000 +  questions from various genre of quizzing like Tech Quiz, Business Quiz, Food and Drink Quiz, Literature Quiz, India Quiz etc


Some of the salient features : 



Quiz Clubs 


I like to associate myself with all the quizzers around me, may it be my college or the first that I work for. I've been fortunate enough to be associated with few of the quiz societies/clubs.

  • Founder, Quotient Quiz Club, the official quiz club of PESIT, Bangalore
  • Founder, ECN Quizzing Circuit, an employee resource group (ERG), Cisco Systems, Bangalore
  • Member, Quiz Club, FMS-Delhi


Quiz Research Consultant


I've worked as the Tech Quiz Research Consultant with Greycaps India (Pvt) Ltd, the largest on-stage quizzing company of India. Here, I have been lucky to have got the guidance of Mr. Giri "Pickbrain" Balasubramaniam.